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Mona and Alex’s outdoor traditional Hindu wedding was perfectly captured against a deep, vibrantly blue sky with delicate, fluffy white clouds. The time-honored ceremony was deeply steeped in Hindu customs with careful attention to dress and traditions. This charming couple is palpably and passionately in love, savoring each moment in the presence of each other and their surrounding loved ones.

The two met whilst at University and the love flourished and deepened as time passed. Exactly two years prior I was fortunate enough to photograph Mona’s sister Priya’s wedding. As with Priya’s wedding, exuberant dancing and good-natured jovial roasting of the couple added to a fun filled evening. The lush colors, smiling faces and sheer joy on everyone’s faces easily allowed for creative and candid photographs.

As a London based international Asian wedding photographer, I am fortunate to travel outside the city to the most beautiful of locations to capture my clients special day. The open air ceremony and reception was held at the picturesque Northbrook Park, a Grade II eighteenth century estate located on the Surrey, Hampshire border. The grounds create an idyllic setting for a traditional Asian wedding. Specializing in all types of Asian ceremonies, Northbrook Park provided the perfect backdrop to unite this couple together in matrimony. The picturesque gilded alter, the warm crisp tent, the vibrant fuchsia columns and lush white fabric proved to envelope the happy couple and their elated guests.

I wish Mona and Alex all the best in the years to come! The world is your oyster, savor each and every moment together.

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