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Sandy & Pavan | 8 Northumberland Avenue, London

I am lucky enough to do what I love every single day, but to be an Asian wedding photographer in London is a gift unto itself. Couples traverse the globe to wed in the most magical of locations – the official centrally located venue in all of London – 8 Northumberland Avenue. This sought after wedding local was snatched up by UK native, Sandy and her handsome Boston based groom, Pavan for their May 25, 2014 nuptials.

On a seasonably warm and sunny day, Sandy and Pavan made quite an entrance into the renowned 8 Northumberland Avenue in central London. The Bharaat, led by the best man the entire wedding party and guests alike spanned the embankment to Travalgar Square interrupting the bustling flow of traffic on the main road. As vehicles and pedestrians were forced to stop in wonderment, the wedding continued to dance, sing and clap in pure joy over the joining together of Sandy and Pavan. The joy was contagious and the bystanders soon became participants, swaying, swinging and dipping as if they were truly a part of the action that had unfolded. The energy was contagious and permeated the street and followed them straight into 8 Northumberland Avenue.

As a deeply creative wedding photographer, moments like these are rare and should be captured. It was my honor to be a part of Sandy and Pavan’s day – documenting the couple’s unique and utterly passionate tale.


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