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Incorporating nature into your wedding can be an incredible way of utilising the world around you to craft something beautiful. Whether you opt for an outdoor wedding or take the flowers and internal decorations one step further, nature can offer a completely natural, believable and open atmosphere. Everything can be simple and stripped back, so people remember that you are there to celebrate the love between you and your other half. With a wedding in the countryside, incorporating the materials and environment you have around you can enable you to show that you appreciate what you have. The question is how do you do that successfully?

If a wedding which incorporates nature is what you are after, then you have come to the right place. Here, we are here to help you to create the perfect wedding which combines love and nature seamlessly.


Set The Tone

The invitation your guests receive through their door will be the first insight they have into what to expect from your big day. Therefore, you want to ensure that you set the tone early on to provide your guests with a general feel for your theme and help sow the first seeds of excitement. You can incorporate greenery and nature onto your invitation with the help of a decorative design or by including a natural element, such as daisy chains for your guests – though we advise that these aren’t made with real daisies if you’re posting them!


Think About Your Venue

Your choice of venue is crucial when incorporating a natural theme into your wedding. For a naturalistic style, a wedding outdoors amongst the greenery is perfect. You could hire a marquee or a huge tipi to host your event in and position it amongst the flora and fauna of your chosen venue to give your wedding the natural atmosphere. The setting of your wedding will often feature in the background of your wedding photos, so it’s important to choose a venue you’d be happy to remember.


Simplicity Is Better

For the majority of brides-to-be, the dress is a key aspect of their day. Not only do they want to enhance the wow-factor, but they also want to fit well with their theme and give their guests a dress and wedding that will be memorable in years to come. If you wish to incorporate nature into your wedding, then your dress can be the way to do this. Whether you opt for a single-colour to showcase the beauty of your decoration more, or you venture into floral patterns and designs, utilising nature here can be a subtle way of matching with a venue.


Choose Your Flowers Wisely

When it comes to choosing the decoration for your venue, flowers can be an ideal way to truly showcase the atmosphere you want and with a nature-themed wedding, you’ll be able to do this with relative ease. From garlands to floral jewellery and even the centrepieces on tables, picking out a range of bright, stunning colours can provide you with all the unique style that you desire. If you’d rather keep the attention on you and your life partner, then opting for subtle shades like whites and greens can help showcase the other traditional decoration that you choose.

Incorporating nature into your wedding is a great way to make the most of the environment around you. Be creative and embrace your surroundings to develop your theme for your wedding.
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