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Daya and Gurdip met my happenstance through Daya’s sister, Sandeep. Gurdip had attended University with Sandeep and had coincidentally never meant Daya until Sandeep’s 30th birthday. Gurdip was instantly pierced by cupids arrow and told Daya that she was gorgeous and “looked like Jennifer Aniston”.

Wasn’t long until Gurdip was ready to pop the question. After a grueling six months of waiting for a breathtaking custom engagement right to be finished, it was finally time. After a romantic dinner out, Gurdip coaxed Daya in to a photo booth for some “fun shots” and proposed! He was nervous and she said yes “…although I must have blanked out at this point as I don’t remember her saying yes!!!!” Gurdip recalled.

Planning started and venue was chosen, Belfry in Birmingham. A picturesque resort, the height of luxury and unparalleled service. The day was gorgeous with fluffy white clouds. The vibrant traditional dress of this Sikh Asian wedding lit the landscape. The smiles were wide, the eyes rimmed with the happiest of tears.

So what did my bride and groom say about their day? Gurdip was blown away by “seeing Daya at the Gurwara for the first time”. She was breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant. For Daya, it was the introduction, “as husband and wife and seeing our families and friends who had the biggest smiles and looking super proud”.

I was truly honored to share a gorgeous union between this passionate couple. As an Asian wedding photographer, I strive to be as creative and intuitive as possible. “Polite, pleasant and knowledgeable, Mohsin exceeded both of our very high expectations and has set the bar for future photographers”.The most flattering of comments for me are happy and satisfied couples. It was a true honor to be a part of Daya and Gurdips day!

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