Traditional Indian Nose Rings

Indian tradition is full of colour and steeped in history that makes every wedding completely unique. With stunning dresses and traditional jewellery, it is a treat for the eyes when attending a traditional wedding. Here we are going to delve into the tradition of Indian nose rings and their significance in Indian weddings.

Sign Of Marriage

In Indian culture, the nose ring is worn as a staple piece of wedding jewellery and is commonly connected to the ear by a chain. This is due to the nose ring being a symbol of seduction and the allure of the women. In addition to this, in ancient Indian culture, the woman would wear a nose ring to show that she was married, this is very similar to that of a wedding ring that you see in present day. The nose ring can be worn in either the left or the right ear and it is said that if the left nostril is pierced that the women will have fewer struggles birthing children and will experience less menstrual pain. This piece of jewellery can either be worn in the form of a stud or a ring.

Nose rings can often be worn with an additional chain linking it to the ear, which is the common choice for many Indian brides on their wedding day. This is not only a statement piece to draw attention to the bride, but it also plays a crucial part in the wedding day. In Indian tradition, it is the job of the bride’s groom to remove the chain from the nose ring to symbolise the end of the bride’s virginity and the sign of marriage to her other half.

Size Of The Nose Ring

Although this may not seem like a significant detail, the size of the nose ring also has an element of cultural significance within Indian culture. In years past, the size of the nose ring was a sign of financial power as well as family status, the larger the ring the more power the individual was seen to have.

With embellishments and decorations, the nose ring acted as a centrepiece to Indian culture and the beauty surrounding it. A nose piercing in India traditionally takes place around the age of sixteen which is seen as the marriageable age in this culture and a way of honouring the goddess of marriage, Parvathi.

A Fashion Statement

In modern day Indian culture, the attention of the nose ring is focused more on fashion rather than tradition. With people in not only India but the world over opting for this fashionable piece of jewellery, you can choose a nose ring or stud to suit your style. Whether you are looking for a large ring with decoration or a small crystallised stud, there is plenty for you to choose without having to pay a fortune, making this a popular choice for many when compared to the like of earrings and other body piercings.

As times begin to change, the tradition of the nose ring is something that has stood the test of time. As a ritual in every Indian wedding, this statement piece is something that will be marvelled in every traditional wedding photograph for years to come.