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Mohsin Ali is a well established award winning, nationally and internationally sought out wedding photographer. He views the world from a very vivid angle and is constantly intrigued by what he sees and strives to translate these emotions into riveting works of art.

With a background in software development, Mohsin received a degree in Computer Science and a masters in Video Game Design. Combined with his Art A Levels, he completely dedicates himself to the creative process. This allows him to produce breathtaking art based photography that truly resonates.

In addition to his love of photography, Mohsin is a dedicated family man, husband and father. He loves sports, cars and any type of technical gadget. Mohsin’s broad and diverse knowledge allowed him to efficiently teach himself not only photography technique but also gain a unique and creative perspective on the process.

Mohsin has an easy-going approach which resonates with his clients. He prefers to tell a story and takes a voyeuristic approach to each wedding; blending expertly into the crowd. The ultimate joy for him is found within his clients and the unwavering love he can see between them. Mohsin works tirelessly to capture and translate this love into captivating works of art.